Our Mission

Leadership Lynchburg offers programming for college students, emerging and mid-career managers, leaders, executives, and alumni.

Our Core Values

Leadership Lynchburg upholds the values of personal growth, influence, and impact. We seek to instill and grow these qualities in others to benefit businesses, the community, and the Lynchburg region.

  • Have a teachable heart.
  • Be open to learning new ways of leading.
  • Be willing to be stretched.
  • Embrace being held accountable.
  • Be available and present.
  • Inspire by our words and actions.
  • Challenge with compassion.
  • Support and nurture growth in others.
  • Use our strengths and gifts to make positive change.
  • Make time to contribute to the betterment of the community.

Our Approach

Leadership Lynchburg believes in and exposes its participants to the Collaborative Leadership approach. There have been a number of research projects and studies of the key lessons for Collaborative leaders but they all come down to some similar themes.

  • Willingness to Take Risks
  • Be an Eager Listener
  • Passion
  • Optimism
  • And the ability to share, knowledge, power, and credit.


If these are skills you’d like to develop or perfect . . . then Leadership Lynchburg is the program for you!